Soundstring Cable Technologies

Reasonably priced cabling from Soundstring Cable Technologies of South Norwalk, CT created a polite, welcoming feel in a room that also featured ModWright and Oppo electronics and Nola bookshelf speakers.

Called into action on the cable end were the GEN II power supply cords with hand-assembled Furutech terminations ($560/6' for high output, $505/6' for low output); GEN II Gamma series speaker cables ($520/6'-pair; and unspecified interconnects. The aforementioned electronics included ModWright Instruments KWA 150 SS power amp in stereo mode (demo model for $4795) and Silver LS 100 balanced tube preamp (show special $2700), and tube-modded Oppo BDP-83SE (demo, $1900); and Nola Boxer bookshelf loudspeakers.