RM Loudspeakers

RM Loudspeakers of Fort Smith, Arkansas were showing the CH-11R "True Exponential Folded Horn" ($17,500–$20,000/pair) and RM-105 ported four-way ($9900–$12,400/pair). I love the old school / new school look of these contrasting speakers. Playing the latter with unspecified components and cabling, I especially enjoyed the nice warmth in the bass voices of While You Are Alive, John Atkinson's 2007 recording of Cantus.

Kevin Flippo's picture

I went to this room both on Friday and Saturday to hear both sets of speakers. Nice warm sound with bass on both speakers with my preference for the Folded Horn speakers. 1 watt SET's were plenty of power.

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The amplification was the Serious Stereo (another exhibitor at RMAF) SET 2A3 monoblock amplifiers and attenuator.

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The source unit used with the Serious Stereo Mono Blocks was the OPPO BDP-83 SPECIAL EDITION Blu-ray Player with SACD and DVD Audio.