New Stuff from Music Hall

“Oh, this is new…and this is new, too. And, oh yeah, we’ve also got this,” went Music Hall’s Leland Leard around and around his busy room, a funhouse of hi-fi and vinyl.

As usual, Music Hall had about 80,000 new products on display (I’m exaggerating), including the Music Hall a15.2 integrated amplifier ($499) and matching cd15.2 CD player ($499)—both to be reviewed by Sam Tellig in our December issue—the 24/96-compatible dac25.3 USB DAC ($595), and, oh yeah, the 85Wpc a35.2 integrated ($799) which replaces the 50Wpc 25.2, and the cd35.2 CD player ($799), which has a new transport and DAC. And have you seen the Music Hall USB-1 turntable? It costs $249. Amoeba Records stocks them now!

Music Hall also offers a new cork platter mat, which has these little pads on it, you see, that separate the record from the platter, allowing for the dissipation of energy, I guess, and that’s fifty bucks.

Oh, and there’s also this new class-A tubed headphone amp from Bellari, the HA540. It has high- and low-level inputs and costs $299. Whew!