Music Hall's USB-1

Music Hall’s inexpensive USB turntable, the two-speed, belt-driven USB-1 ($249), uses an aluminum die-cast platter, has a groovy S-shaped tonearm equipped with an Audio-Technica AT3600L moving-magnet phono cartridge, and comes in a high-gloss black finish. Overall, it resembles something Run DMC might’ve brought to a gig.

“You can scratch with it,” according to Music Hall’s Leland Leard.

It has a USB output for transferring vinyl to a PC or Mac, comes with Audacity software, and throws in a USB cable. Basically, in the Music Hall USB-1, you’ve got everything you need to play and digitize records. DJ Sam Tellig has one now.

Mike Mercer's picture

Love those guys!! I'm using the USB-1 at home, review to come in The Daily Swarm.. Leland and I had a laugh about it, as I learned to spin on belt-drives, but we DJs do prefer direct drive for scratchin, lol. It also has an on-board phonostage! And comes w/ software for rippin vinyl to your hard drive, amazing deal and a great entry-point for the new vinyl heads!!!!