LSA Group of Nashville

Little did I know, as I began my second day at RMAF 2010, how grateful I would be for the laid back sound in the LSA Group and AudioKinesis rooms by the time the day ended. The combination of LSA1 Statement monitors ($2600/pair) and and LSA speaker stands ($379/pair), LSA standard tube hybrid integrated amp ($5000), Exemplar/Oppo CD player ($2500), and Exemplar active cabling (approx. $8000) wasn't particularly fast on my fabulous Marta Gomez recording from Chesky, but it allowed me to slow down and enjoy what was there.

What was to come, in short order, was one tipped-up system after another. Or so it seemed by the time I called it quits. If you're reading these blogs in reverse order, you already know.

Note the presence of an ASC Tube Trap in the corner. This room-acoustic treatment was employed in no less than 53 rooms at RMAF.