Introducing Kodo The Beat MagDrive Turntable

Making its debut was a platter that screamed for Michael Fremer: Kodo's The Beat MagDrive turntable ($24,000). Alas, the widely lamented "where is Michael Fremer" was starring in an opera entitled Home Remodeling Can't be Accomplished with Remote Control, and was back in New York.

Mikey also missed the Reed 3Q Laser Guided 12" tonearm ($6500); Reed 2P VTA on the fly 10.5" tonearm ($4950); Allnic Audio Puritas MC cartridge ($4950), M3000 140w amps ($12,900, presumably for the pair), H3000V variable LCR phono preamp ($13,900), and L3000 linestage ($10,900); the debut of ONDA pure silver Air & Rush cables ($750 and up), MBL 111F speakers ($39,500/pair), and Oppo 83SE CD player ($850).