Hefty AC Cords

Check out the throng of thick Silver Circle AC cables, each with heavy-duty connectors from Furutech. Also note the lovely side panels of the Silver Circle Pure Power One 5.0. Who knew a power conditioner could be so pretty? The Pure Power One 5.0 ($5000; reviewed by Michael Fremer in our August 2010 issue) includes a 65-lb, 5kVA, custom-built isolation transformer, a proprietary EMI/RF filter, four double-ganged, gold-plated Furutech AC jacks, and a Vesuvius power cord.

David Stanard's picture

Thanks for the extremely kind words. I must point out that 2 of the power cords - the giant one from the wall to the pure power one 5.0 (Dream Catcher) and the other giant from the 5.0 to the Plinius SA-103 (Lucid Dream) - were made by Tim Reed of Dream State Audio. They were audible improvements over our Vesuvius power cords, which both excited and dismayed me. I should be the last person to express wonder that something can make a positive difference in the quality of sound, since I try to manufacture gear that does just that.Tim made the Dream Catcher expressly for the 5.0, having purchased one himself. We will be issuing a special edition of the 5.0 that bundles the Dream Catcher power cord with a 5.0 that has some fairly significant upgrades.The power cord connecting the Plinius SA-103 to the 5.0 is a Lucid Dream.