Harbeth Excels

Fidelis, distributors of Harbeth loudspeakers and other products, was playing the classic BBC style Harbeth Super HL5 ($4995/pair), Perreaux Prisma 350 350Wpc stereo power amplifier ($8995), Wadax Pre1 preamplifier/DAC ($19,995), Sound Science MV Diamond digital server ($4500 w/iPad), and Pyon Sound Muzika Ultima turntable ($18,995). Bringing out the best this equipment can offer were the excellent Echole Obsession cables that are poised to make a major impression in the U.S. market. Four Stein boxes (little black boxes with the blue light on silver stands), which I discussed in the TweekGeek report below, were the icing on the cake, adding air and ease to the presentation.

I didn't want to interrupt by asking what jazz track was playing when I walked in, but the system's midrange was to die for. ("Absolutely gorgeous" is what I scribbled in my notes). The highs were also special; I noted that the sound of cymbals was "pretty darn honest." Upon listening to a hi-res master of a track from Reference Recordings' Dances from the Opera, I confirmed that the midrange was indeed superb and the highs excellent, but the bass a mite tubby.