German Physiks from Laufer Teknik

Sam Laufer of Laufer Teknik was showing the German Physiks HRS-120 loudspeaker in high gloss finish ($33,500/pair). Helping this omnidirectional design sing were Abis Shuhgetsu monoblock amps (price to be determined), The Memory Player source and preamp ($22,500), Paul Kaplan cabling including speaker cables ($1995), Halcyonics Active Isolation Platform ($11,500), five LessLoss BlackBodys ($959 each), and the wonderful Stein Music Harmonizers (two A and two B units plus 12 stones for $4900) with their new matching stands (price not supplied). You can see one of the Stein Music Harmonizers, aka that little black box with the blue light that doesn't have to be on for the box to be working, peeking out from behind the loudspeaker.

I'm not familiar with the BlackBodys, but I use four of the Stein Music Harmonizers plus assorted stones in my reference system. See my discussion about their effects in the TweekGeek entry earlier in this blog.

The system threw an airy, extremely deep, uncannily three-dimensional soundstage that was distinguished by beautiful clarity. "Wonderful clarity and color… very, very impressive" I wrote in my notes, as I listened to a recording of an unnamed Italian singer.

I also noted that this was one of many systems that tended to overwhelm the room above a certain volume level. Alas, the Marriott only has a limited number of larger rooms available, and show organizer Marjorie Baumert of RMAF maxed out on those a long time ago. Short of moving to another hotel with more large rooms, there is no alternative.