Genesis Meets its Match

Tweak Studio, the Genesis dealer in Washington state, paired the new Genesis G7.1f loudspeaker ($8000/pair) with the Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) Vk-3ix preamp and VK 55SE amp. The match was fortuitous, with the BAT's tubey midrange bringing out the loudspeaker's considerable best. Completing the partnership were the SOTA Sapphire Series 5 turntable ($2700) with SME 4 arm and Denon 103 cartridge; Kosmic server w/500GB hybrid storage ($2295) and a bunch of options; Absolute Fidelity Component Interface cable ($1800/pair), Loudspeaker Interface cables ($3000/pair); and Power Interface cables ($1800); and a host of Kosmic Equipment stands (the stand base shelf is $1600).

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Jason, excellent blog. just a quick clarification, Tweak Studio is the Genesis dealer in Chicago and Kosmic is the dealer in Seattle. Gary Koh with Genesis and Geoff Poor with Balanced Audio Technology came up with the magical pairing of the Genesis G7.1f loudspeakers and BAT electronics.

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Hello Jason, I do agree with Joe but I would not worry to much about rectifying your blogs and understand that you are very busy. By the way we as Tweak Studio™ is honored to work with both Genesis and BAT which will make magic when we sell and pair these legendary system along with Absolute Fidelity™ by Genesis cabling.I personally was also there to install and tweak the room and used Tweak Studios Superstar Cable elevators. It was great to have met you on our way to the airport! Thank you for acknowledging Tweak Studio™ in your blog. When you are in Chicago please do not be a stranger and give us a call. We will be having a private event next month with Gary and more...Kosmic also helped made the room sound good with their equipment rack designed by Gary Koh of Genesis. Great job Team! Tweak Studio looks forward to doing more shows in the future.

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Thank you Jason for your gracious comment on room 9021. Tweak Studio™ & Kosmic installing Genesis,BAT is magical. I also give credit to Kosmik's efforts by providing our room their rack designed by Gary Koh of Genesis which helped made it magical. Tweak Studio™ installed cable elevators made out of Philippine Narra which was used with Absolute Fidelity™ Cabling by Genesis. We were part of breaking it in, listening, calibrating months before the show including the SOTA Turntable which Gary had provided an awesome choice of Cartridge for the budget the Denon DL 103R. SOTA also helped us prepare for the show and provided the well reviewed legendary SOTA™ Sapphire TT as well as SME 309 tonearm on the front end of course with the Music Server Gary Koh had designed front end was outstanding.

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We will be taking private appointments for Genesis viewing in person by Arnold Martienz of Tweak Studio at RMAF 2011 October 14-16 in Denver. Call 312 235 6561 also visit