Galibier Designs' Big Display

At one end of the 11th floor sat the large, imposing Galibier Design Suite. It was dominated by several eye-catching products: Daedalus Audio loudspeakers, which replaced the scheduled and, from distant memory, fine Green Mountain Audio Calypso HD speakers ($14,900/pair) because the Daedalus babies were able to put out enough bass to fill the room; and Adona Master Reference stands (price not supplied) which supported the Galibier Design Stelvio-II turntable ($27,500) with its Durand Taiea tonearm ($7900) and Dynavector XV1s cartridge ($5250), and Atma-sphere MP-1 preamp ($15,000) and M-60 amplifiers ($13/600/pair). Equally important were Marigo Labs' VXi Mystery Feet ($779/set of 3), Analog 1 interconnects ($2000/pair), and Analog 1 SC speaker cable ($2000/pair).

Unfortunately, I can't report on the sound of this system because there was so much talking covering the music. And because the Show was so large this year, there just wasn't time to return later.

Paul Kaplan's picture

The speaker cables used with the chosen Daedalus speakers were actually Kaplan Cable GS($1,495).Power cords were the Kaplan Cable GS MkII ($1,595).The Atma-Sphere electronics were powered via the Kaplan Cable Alchemist Power Conditioner.

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Jason....I believe the correct spelling of the Durand tonearm is Talea. :--)