Emillé Amplifiers

Despite the recession, which hit the world of high-end audio hard in 2009, every Show features many new brands. One such was Emillé from South Korea, named after a 10'-high, 18.9-ton bronze bell cast in that country in 771AD, using the "lost-wax" process. Shown in my photo is the Emillé Rapture tube monoblock power amplifier, a zero negative-feedback design that uses four 6550 output tubes to produce 110W into 8 ohms at 2% THD. Emillé products are being distributed in the US by Solos of Cerritos, CA.

John Segal's picture

Emillé gears were more glamorous in Munich and London. Hope they still sound good.

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It is copy from VAC amp 300b first look, Vac sound Better than Emille alot .http://www.vac-amps.com/phi_intro.htmhttp://www.enjoythemusic.com/hifi20...