Eficion, Stillpoints and Exemplar

I first heard the Eficion F300 loudspeaker at RMAF or some other show perhaps two years ago. Bob Walters of the Bay Area Audiophile Society, who urged me to audition it, raved about the Eficion F300 and bought a pair. Two years later, the Eficion F-300 and Stillpoints amplifier stands and stainless steel supports have transformed my system.

Called into play at RMAF was the Eficion F250 ($9250/pair), an 8 ohm impedance model with 90dB sensitivity and a frequency range of 30Hz–35kHz. Its more modestly sized woofer and air-motion-transformer tweeter are better suited to a standard hotel room than the larger, deeper reaching F300.

Underneath the speakers were the Stillpoints stainless steel SS Ultra isolators ($225 each, or $1800 for all eight). Stillpoints also supplied the four-shelf, 20" wide ESS 26-20-4 isolation rack ($9555). The rest of the equipment included the Artemis Labs SA01 turntable ($7800) and TA-1 tonearm ($3500); Miyajima Lab Shilabe cartridge ($2800); Exemplar Audio WMTS XPH-1 phono preamp ($5995), Blue Ray multi-player ($2500), and WMTS XP-2 two-chassis preamp ($15,000); David Berning Quadrature Z mono amplifiers ($33,350, presumably for the pair); and exemplar Audio IC portals ($2800/1m pair), Power Portals ($1400/6'), and Speaker Portals ($2800/6' pair).

The sound was very clean, crisp, open, alive, and natural-sounding. It invited you to sit down and listen for extended periods of time. If I didn't do that, it's because I not only had a huge number of rooms to cover, but also have the privilege of listening to the F-300 and Stillpoints at home. Here’s hoping other show attendees were able to give this excellent sounding room the time it deserved.

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This blog, as originally posted, contains a number of errors. Until it is corrected, please be forewarned that some prices are incorrect, and the equipment list incomplete. The revised version will clarify that Stillpoints SS ULtras isolators cost $225 each.

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The amplifiers in this room were the great David Berning Quadrature Z mono blocks with Stillpoint feet.

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With Vincent's welcome and needed assistance, correct equipment and prices are now in place.