You can always count on EAR's Dan Meinwald to be spinning some great platters. When I walked in, whatever jazz recording was playing sounded very alive and incisive. (EAR's electronics and Marten's speakers are not shy and recalcitrant). When Dan switched to an old classic LP, Meeting at the River, the Vishwa Mohan Bhatt's unique guitar sounded uncommonly beautiful and clear. Had I not had 18 rooms left to visit on Saturday, with a lot more screaming for attention, I would have stayed longer.

Doing the honors were the unheard EAR Acute CD player ($6195), Townshend Audio Rock 7 ($3000) with Helius Omega tonearm ($2900) and Dynavector SV-1S cartridge ($5250); EAR 890 70Wpc power amp ($7595) and 912 preamp ($11,500); Marten Getz loudspeakers ($20,000/pair); and Jorma Origo interconnects ($5250/1m pair), speaker cables ($7000/1m pair), and power cord ($3250/1.5m). Most everything was arrayed on a Townshend Audio Virtual Seismic Sink stand ($2900/4-shelves).