Bluebird Music

Peak Consult is a new brand for Jay Rein’s Bluebird Music, and the company’s attractive InCognito XII loudspeaker ($22,000/pair) sounded just perfectly at home with Chord Electronics’ Red Reference MkII CD player ($25,900), CPA 5000 preamp ($21, 900), and 500Wpc SPM 1400 monoblocks ($32,900/pair). Cables were Van den Hul’s Nova speaker wire ($3295) and MC Silver interconnects ($7268).

On static display: Spendor’s A6 loudspeakers ($3695/pair), Exposure’s 3010S2 CD player and integrated amplifier ($2195 each), the Chordette Gem DAC ($799; review to come from Art Dudley), and Chord’s SPM 1050 amplifier ($7695).

Rein played a fun track by a band called Blueseum—“funk with a side of blues!”—and the sound was marked by fast, clean transients and big, tight bass.

one  of the best's picture

Properbly one of the best rooms

Perfect Jazz's picture

Perfect in this room

Never heard so rigid Jazz's picture

hearing jazz at this set up give me the creeps

The Rock and Roll that the young guy put on's picture

The system made very good

Classicals top's picture

I have never heard a Violin like this

Saxophone go that real ?'s picture

Never heard a sax go that deep with a feeling and voice of it's own