Awesome Gear from T+A

It was awesome to see the limited edition Dynaudio Sapphire, cloaked in a stunning clear blue piano lacquer over a veneer of bird’s eye maple. The sound was just as fine: cymbals and horns had a natural bite, without edge or glare, blooming and blooming and blooming into the room.

It was also the first time I’d seen or heard T+A’s impressive collection of V-Series tubed gear, all of which reminded me of the coolest toys for grown boys, looking somehow rugged and elegant: The D 10 CD/SACD player ($12,500), P 10 valve preamp ($12,500), G 10 turntable ($9750, with SME tonearm and Benz Micro cartridge), and the 550W(!) M 10 monoblock power amplifier ($33,000/pair).

This was some of my favorite gear of the show, and I wish I had pictures to share with you. If you're curious, please take a look at the V-Series gear on the T+A website.

Nick's picture

I love the T+A gear having heard the amps and CD player at Coup de Foudre in Montreal. They also look oh so cool, EXCEPT for the turntable, have to say that looks totally what a turntable should look like. What do you think? I would love to see a review from Mikey one day.

Nick's picture

I type too fast for my own good...I meant to say THAT LOOKS TOTALLY WHAT A TURNTABLE SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I also have questions about the visual aspect of the turntable&#151it looks more digital than analog!&#151but I do find it visually interesting, and it does match nicely with the rest of the gear.

Nick's picture

Yes, you are right, for some reason I am strangely drawn to it as well. I think I have seen one on the used market only once.

Mark Evans's picture

Dynaudio RULES! Best drivers on the market IMHO.

Thomas's picture

This system sounded pretty good and was nicely detailed but had awful bass ( loose and non-controlled ) but still sounded very good.

John West's picture

T+A is good stuff: Good measurements and a cheap price compared to the most 'high-end' brands.