The name sounds somewhat cold and diabolical, but the sound was quite inviting. Machined from a full solid slab of aluminum (FSS aluminum), this was the first time that the CRM reference monitors ($8000/pair) and prototype fully active CRS subs ($12,000) were played at a show. You'll note from the photo that, for height's sake, the CRM sits atop the not-auditioned CRG compact reference grand. The CRM has 84dB sensitivity and an impedance of 8 ohms, a response that extends from 45Hz to 20kHz, and claims a "technologically far ahead" crossover.

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Heard the crm in hong kong. Amazing given their size. There's quite acute following of these little GEMs in Japan.

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I meant to say, CULT following...

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This sounded poor at best , it was pure lo-fi , i am kind of sad to because i was looking at these for a bedroom system.