AudioKinesis and Neko

As I learned when he did a demo for members of the Bay Area Audiophile Society in my home some years back, Duke LeJeune is one of the sweetest people in an industry that has its share of sweet people. When I walked into his room, his 95dB-sensitivity, 16-ohm AudioKinesis Strato Prism loudspeakers ($4400/pair) were playing some New Age music of dubious worth. The sound through an Oppo BDP-83 used as a transport, Neko D100 Mk2 DAC ($1395), and Atma-sphere's MP-1 linestage ($4850) and S-30 amplifier ($3950) was enveloping, with particularly warmth in the midrange.

As I listened, someone slumped into a chair near me declared of RMAF, "You get burned out after awhile." He must have been referring to systems he had already heard. Very easy on the ears, with a toned-down top, this was a system guaranteed not to burn you out.

Kevin Flippo's picture

I liked this room too. Nice warm and dynamic sound. Nice folks hosting the room too.