Audioaero LaSource

Audioaero’s LaSource ($44,000) combines an SACD/CD player with a preamp and DAC, and its “hybrid circuitry” makes use of 32-bit re-sampling technology and a “subminiature” tube output stage. It uses an Esoteric VRDS-NEO/VMK 5 transport mechanism and has a dedicated master clock for jitter and noise reduction.

I spoke with Audioaero’s managing director, Jerome Andre, who explained that, with the LaSource, the company’s goal was to create a future-proof product. “We wanted to make something that would last forever.”

CES 2011 will see the debut of the Audioaero LaFontaine ($22,000), and we can only hope for a LaRiver or LaBabblingBrook (or something along those lines) for us, budget-minded audiophiles.