Audio Physic Celebrates 25 Years

Audio Physic is celebrating their 25th anniversary with the special edition Virgo 25 ($12,500/pair-$14,000/pair, depending on finish), “a miniature version” of the company’s top-of-the-line Cardeus. Partnered with the Virgo 25 at the time I visited was the Trigon CD II CD player ($4000), Trigon Dialog preamplifier ($9000), and Trigon Monolog monoblocks ($18,000/pair). Also on display was the Trigon Energy integrated amplifier ($5000). Supporting the gear was a Creaktiv Trend-Line 1-3 audio rack ($1300) and Creaktiv amp stands ($1000 each).

Trigon is a company based in Kassel, Germany, and all of their gear is built in-house.

I was impressed by this system’s low-level resolution, fine inner details seeming to easily emerge from deep in the mix.

Chris O'Shea's picture

I was impressed with the sound in the Audio Physic/Trigon room as well. The representatives working the room were very open and friendly music people which also greatly enhanced my impression of the companies involved. Some of the best sound I heard ar RMAF 2010. Great stuff...