At the Stereophile Booth

I wonder who will be greeting guests at the Stereophile booth. Will it be every audiophile's favorite booth babe, Rosemarie Torcivia?

We can only hope.

Erick Lichte's picture

Ooo, will it?

Hans Offsme's picture

Again with the "babe" comments Stephen? How about treating the females you meet as equals and not as sex objects for a change? It's getting old reading your sexist comments and does no service for Stereophile's image.

Larry's picture

Lighten up!!

Jers's picture

Is that the next isue with the Focals on the cover? I hope so.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Jers: Yes, that's our November cover.

Patrick's picture

Hey Larry I think you need to lighten up. Everyone knows that Germans have no sense of humor; why can't you accept him for who he is?