At the Registration Desk

That man in the black shirt (to the left of the frame) is none other than Music Hall's rascally Roy Hall—already causing a stir and the show hasn't even started!

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Why do you misguided self appointed high authoritarians of the audiophile fiefdom insist on giving that drunk free publicity? He is not a nice person and definitely not customer service oriented. He is a classic example of what is wrong with your industry.

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I don't know Roy, but his Manufacturer's Comments in the November issue are hilarious.

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Erick, I didn't make the comment lightly. Approximately 5 years ago I purchased a MFF5 which ran fine while on the power grid at my apartment. Move in with my fiance (now wife) so she could afford to take a years leave for Chemo Therapy. Turntable instantly goes in the tank running either slow or fast. I put it aside for somewhere between 12 and 15 months. I was a little distracted as I almost lost my wife 3 times to Chemo Therapy induced causes. The turntable was out of warranty and I desired to call Music Hall for trouble shooting advice and unfortunately got the drunk himself. I wasn't looking for free, just advise on what could be wrong. The berating that I received from Mr. Hall really shows how pathetic he really is. Blamed me for everything and just couldn't understand why I had waited a year to call. The cause turned out to be that my new home's power is supplied by a municipally owned power company and the voltage was rapidly fluctuating rapidly from 127 volts to 101 volts. Fixed now