A Fun System

In his Jumping Cactus room, James Harrell has put together a very fun system, and one that promises to be unlike anything else here in Denver.

Speakers: Jumping Cactus
Amplifier: Cary AES SE-1 kit
Preamplifier: Dynaco PAS 3 upgraded with Curcio power supply, Alps volume pot, 12AX7 Telefunkens
DVD player: Denon 2910 modified by Underwood HiFi
Turntable: Rega P3 (from 2001) with RB300 tonearm, Shure V15 VxMR cartridge with Jico replacement stylus
Subwoofer: Genesis Servo 12
Interconnects and speaker cables: homemade silver over copper Teflon-coated
Power conditioner: PS Audio P300 Multiwave