Turntable Set-Up Done Right

It's hard enough to take a good photo when your subject is rapt in conversation. But when your subject is Michael Fremer, and his subject is Turntable Set-Up, the challenge is immense. Standing before a packed house of analog devotees, Michael was so animated, and so filled with information, that even my camera had a tough time staying still.

As Stereophile readers are well aware, Michael brings a lifetime of experience with analog playback to his reviews. His passion is enormous, and his love for the craft without bounds. Step-by-step, he demonstrated everything he does to insure optimal analog playback as he switches between cartridges, arms, and platters. Thankfully, for those unable to make it to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Michael's two DVDs on vinyl and record player set-up, shown in the photo, will do the trick.

Speaking of RMAF, first day registration figures—that's the slow day—show over 850 online registrants and over 650 new walk-ins. This is a notable increase over last year's first day attendance. Another hopeful sign was the presence of more young people than at the five previous RMAFs.

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I have yet to buy his videos but, I will (don't even own a turntable...yet). I just love the man's writing and style - he shows alotta class!