The Goddess of RMAF

That the Sixth Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is even taking place at the Denver Tech Center Marriott this year is something of a miracle. Just as preparations for the show were getting underway, its universally loved founder, Al Stiefel, died at the age of 66. Knowing how much the show meant to her husband, his co-show producer and greatest fan, Marjorie Baumert, vowed to preserve Al's legacy to the audiophile community. Thanks to Marjorie's dedication, perseverance, and love, and the able assistance of everyone from Marcie Miller and the Colorado Audio Society to several members of Marjorie's family, the show continues as a tribute to Al.

In fact, it more than continues. Even before the completion of a count of Friday attendees, online registrations are up 12% from last year. Who said that the current economic slump would inevitably lead to the death of high-end audio?

Henry Wang's picture

Thanks to Marjorie Baumert and the rest for putting on a great show.