Small Speaker—Big Bass

Listening to a Toni Braxton cut on the LSA1 Statement speakers ($2599/pair), driven by an Exemplar-modded Denon 2910 DVD player and LSA's hybrid integrated amplifier (reviewed by Stereophile when it was called the DK Designs VS.1 Reference Mk.III), I was struck by how much low-frequency information was coming from this nicely finished two-way stand-mount.

LSA's products are all available in three levels of performance: Standard, Signature, and Statement. In the case of the LAS1 speaker, the Standard version costs $999/pair and uses a 1" soft-dome tweeter; the Signature at $1499/pair offers upgrades to the crossover circuitry; and the Statement replaces the dome tweeter with a ribbon unit, as well as implementing the crossover with such premium parts as a 4 lb air-cored Alphacore coil in the woofer feed.