New Speaker Whets the Appetite for More

After several years without distribution in the US, Peder Beckman of Norway's Electrocompaniet (kneeling on the left, next to company head Mikal Dreggevik) has quickly established a revitalized US dealer network that should number a good 10 by CES 2010. Without a long-standing reputation for affordable excellence, this would have been next to impossible to achieve in the current climate.

The company's newest product, which will debut in final form at CES 2010, is the Nordic Tone Model 1 Reference loudspeaker ($29,500/pair). This handsome, low lying baby thrilled attendees with its warm bass, outstanding woofer control that topped most other speakers I heard at RMAF, especially its strong lower midrange, and realistic depiction of air and space. Weighing approximately 155 lbs each, the Nordic Tones boast an outer 7 mm cast aluminum shell, and internal damping similar to that used for aircraft. Frequency response is 28Hz—35kHz ±2dB, sensitivity is 90dB, and nominal impedance is 6 ohms. A three-way design, its ports can be opened to give a bass reflex system. Given that Electrocompaniet's headquarters are in Oakland, CA, a few miles from my house, I'm looking forward to far more extended listening in the future. I expect Electrocompaniet's exhibit to be flooded at CES.

Princess Lala's picture

These speakers are pure heaven for my ears !I want pair in each room of my house !These speakers are affordable and have a pure and well balanced sound !All i can say is Go Electrocompaniet go!