Incisive Combo

Genesis Advanced Technologies was demming two new products: the latest iteration of owner/designer Gary Leonard Koh's new Absolute Fidelity Music Server, whose white paper is available on the Genesis website, and a new preamp. The preamp, a joint effort between Genesis and Steve McCormack's SMC Audio, boasts all-analog switching and controls. (Fully balanced, the solid-state preamp boasts all-analog switching and controls. The basic model will be priced somewhere between $4000 and $5000, with the first model scheduled for release priced around $8000. Pictured is Bruno De Lorimier, Canadian sales rep for Genesis, who is kneeling next to the rack with the new preamp.

Heard paired with a Teac Esoteric SA-50 CD player (available for those bringing their own CDs), Genesis GR1-80W class-D amplifier, an Isotek Titan DC-coupled device that reduces impedance, and Genesis 7.1F loudspeakers ($8000/pair) whose built-in 180W amp enabled them to extend down to a claimed 22 Hz, Nordost Valhalla interconnects and power cables, and Genesis speaker cables that are specifically tuned for the speakers, the system delivered a distinctive, incisive sound.