Eficion's Gem

I first discovered the Eficion F300 loudspeaker ($14,800/pair) at RMAF 2008, where its full-range sound deeply impressed for the price. Since then, the speaker has undergone numerous refinements. Split into two separate compartments, separated by Stillpoints, this is a 3-way 4-driver vented box with a frequency response of 25Hz–40kHz, 89dB sensitivity, and 8 ohms impedance, with a minimum of 6.4 ohms. The front tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer, its rear-firing super tweeter a Heil ESS aluminum ribbon, and its 7" midrange and 12" woofer both from Aurum Cantus. All this has produced a more controlled and detailed sound. Other refinements are identified on the Eficion website.

Supported by Stillpoint component stands, the speakers were driven by Berning Quadrature Z class-A, zero-feedback monoblocks ($30,000/pair), Exemplar XP2 class-A, zero-feedback preamp ($12,000), an Exemplar class-A, zero-feedback, prototype DAC 5 ($4000), and CDX1 transport ($3500), all supported by Stillpoints' rack ($9000) and component stack ($2500/pair). Hardly shabby company.