Chip Off the Old Block

When I last met Charles Holt in 1991, he was a teenager. But I had no problem recognizing him at RMAF—he looks just like his Dad. And, as you can see in Jason Serinus' photograph, in which Charles is flanked by his girlfriend Melissa and me, Charles is wearing the infamous "finger button," which was Gordon's favorite image of himself.

But I am not sure if JGH would have approved of the Chocolate Martini.

Ted Clamstruck's picture

The infamous "finger pin" is an appropriate gesture from JGH to the current Stereophile crew I think.

Jack Simone's picture

While I admire where Mr. Holt started, I think he took a couple wrong turns when the world changed around him. This is not a knock on Holt, but I credit Mr. Atkinson with keeping Stereophile on track. I don't believe Mr. Holt would have been able to continue to pull it off.

Star Struck Sally's picture

What a silly man you are Jack. Gordon was the MAN when it came to Stereophile. Atkinson was and continues to be a big dissapointment turning the once great magazine into yet another run of the mill money grubbing rag with all those silly reviewers that never saw a bad cable or power cord. Gordon was about science while the current crew are about money.