The Music Gun

Hosted by Luxman, Synergistic Research, and Vivid Audio, the event was billed as "a private reception of fine music, conversation, and superb wine." Gus Gus played in the background, the room was filled with smiles, and, indeed, the conversation flowed as easily as the wine. While it was great to become reacquainted with some familiar faces, I also enjoyed the opportunity to make new connections.

Brian Kyle of Xtreme Cables was happy to tell me about his newest product, the Music Gun. "It's a Tourmaline-based negative ion treatment," he said. "It looks like a blow-dryer. You let it warm up for a few seconds, and run it over your compact discs."

"What are the benefits?" I asked.

"Oh, more openness, less digital edge! It makes your CDs sound more like vinyl."

"Interesting," I said.

The Music Gun costs $299, and can also be used to treat LPs. Kyle says the Music Gun's effects on vinyl are similar—greater dynamics, lower noise floor—but less pronounced.

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The wine! Tell us about the wine!

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As bizarre as it seems , Brian Kyle's tourmaline gun { hair dryer } was a remarkable tweak that is a permanent addition to my listening regime . It seems to remove any remaining glare from digital recordings as well as make the music more dimensional . All I can say is Bravo