Rachael Goldman

Remember that trend I mentioned earlier, the one about manufacturers and dealers bringing their kids along to the show?

Here it is in action again.

Truth be told, I moseyed my way on over to Miss Rachael Goldman simply because of that sexy Abbington Music Research compact disc player sitting on the table beside her. I hadn't even noticed her blonde hair, blue eyes, or bright red shoes.

I mean, come on, I am an audiophile.

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was Rachael's very first hi-fi show. She had spent the first 19 years of her life pretty much immune to the high end. In just three days, however, she had learned a ton. Rachael realized that hi-fi is a hobby filled with passionate people, and, like Koetsu USA's Gabriel Toro, Rachael was happy to be a part of the event. She may even help out at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Rachael is the niece of Avatar Acoustics' Bonnie and Darren Censullo. In his free time, Darren is an F-16 fighter pilot. (I hear that he and Richard Vandersteen get together on weekends and go out for dogfights.)

Thank goodness Darren wasn't around to catch me flirting with his niece. And his wife.

(I am totally kidding.)