Oswald Mill Audio AC1

Do you know about Oswald Mill Audio? Check out the website; it's fascinating.

Truth is: I'm not really into exotic loudspeakers.

I like my loudspeakers to look like loudspeakers. To me, a simple wood box is beautiful. But I was more than impressed by the extraordinary Oswald Mill Audio AC1. Completely hand-built out of solid Pennsylvania ash, it takes about a month to complete a single pair of AC1s. Each speaker uses a single 15" Alnico paper-cone woofer and a vintage compression driver for the midrange. Due to the finite quantity of the specific late '40s to early '60s driver, production of the AC1 is limited to just 25 pairs.

Designer Jonathan Weiss asked me if there was anything in specific that I'd like to listen to.

"Any rock and roll?" I asked.

Jonathan looked down to his stack of LPs, took a long pause, and soberly replied: "Not much."

"Oh well. How about…"

"Actually, I've got Prince. Wanna hear Prince?"


Prince's "Darling Nicky" sounded just as it should: Naughty! This was a speaker that managed to remove itself from the room despite its towering size and attention-grabbing looks. When Weiss informed me of the price of $53,000/pair, it almost seemed like a bargain.

Crazy, I know.

Jonathan Weiss hopes to open an Oswald Mill Audio showroom in New York City by the end of the year. I cannot wait to hear these speakers again.

Dave's picture

While there was no digital front end to play MY music, I've never heard a sax this realistic. It was amazing. Wish I had $50k. This, along with the big Van Schweikerts, were best in show IMO.

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