Headroom and Denon

Headroom's Tyll Hertsens and Ivy Scull. Tyll is the president and CEO, and Ivy is the VP of sales and marketing. These two know headphones and they know headphone amplifiers and they know which headphones to use with which headphone amplifiers. Beyond all that, they're really nice people to be around.

Right now they're wearing the Denon AH-D5000 headphones ($699.99). I tried them on, too. They are comfortable, attractive, and offer an invitingly warm, yet detailed sound.

But I think Tyll and Ivy were most excited about the newest Denons, the AH-D7000 ($999.99). I spent most of my time in the room listening to these. I didn't want to take them off. Ivy suggested a track by Pinback called "Non-Photo Blue." Intricate bass and guitar lines are matched by complex drum beats and soaring vocals. The AH-D7000s brought it all to life and, momentarily, took me from the hotel room and left me somewhere else, a place where only the music existed.