Talk about effortless. Another room which I thought offered superb sound was occupied by Moscode, Von Schweikert, Esoteric, Placette, PS Audio, and Cardas. I think I heard the most beautiful music of all that reproduced at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in this very room. I don't even know what was playing, but what this system excelled at was communicating the all-important space between the notes.

The speakers were Von Schweikert's VR-5 Anniversary Edition ($28,000/pair); disc player was the Esoteric DV-50S; cables were Cardas Golden Reference; at the helm was the Placette Remote Volume Control; tying things together was a PS Audio Power Plant; and powering it all was the new Moscode 402 Au power amplifier ($6495).

Moscode's George Kaye explained that the latest iteration of the venerable hybrid power amp uses a gold-plated circuit board. Tubes have been repositioned for a lower noise floor, extra voltage regulation aims to produce a smoother top end, and the amp's unique faceplate has been upgraded.

Here I am, happy to stand with Moscode's George Kaye (l) and Gage Rommel.