DPS Ayre turntable

In my opinion, few rooms at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest could compete with the sound produced in the Ayre Acoustics/Vandersteen Audio suite. To me, the music created by this combination just sounded right. It was effortless, involving, and realistic without being overly etched or bright.

With all the new, well-kept hair on his head, Ayre's Steve Silberman was almost unrecognizable. Here we see him striking a dashing pose. Married life must be treating him well. Steve was especially excited about Ayre's joint venture with DPS. We first reported on the DPS Ayre turntable from January's Consumer Electronics Show. It's essentially DPS's basic turntable complemented by Ayre's three-phase power supply. Price is to be announced, and we can hope to see it available by the end of the year.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Ayre and Vandersteen make a great combination.