DNM 3D-6

Is this not the coolest-looking preamp you've ever seen in your life?


Are you kidding me? The DNM 3D-6 preamp ($13,995 with power supply) is cased in smoked acrylic and it shimmers and it glows. Who cares what it sounds like? How do you not just want this thing? To be in its presence is to want it. Ask Art Dudley.

Jerry's picture

Yeah, Art liked this, but he bought the Shindo...

Stephen Mejias's picture

It's funny: John Hughes of VRS Audio Solutions who was also demming in the room mentioned that he owns the Shindo, but had become very attracted to the DNM in the short time he got to spend with it.The Shindo is gorgeous, too, both in looks and sound.

TIM's picture

The DNM 3D-6 at RMAF had smoked acrylic front and back with clear top and sides.....The all clear packaging is even cooler...check out these cool photos ...http://austinhifi.com/dnm%20electronics.html