Ann Poor and Philip O'Hanlon

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ann Poor. That's Ann there, two-fisting it, standing beside On A Higher Note's bow-tied Philip O'Hanlon. Audiophiles may be more familiar with Ann's husband, Balanced Audio Technology's Geoff Poor. Oh, yeah—I got to speak with Geoff, too, but Ann was way more interesting.

"Where are you from?" she asked.

"New Jersey."

"Oh, so… Jets or Giants?"


"We know David Diehl."

"No way!"

"It's cool, right?"


David Diehl is a starting offensive lineman for the New York Giants football team. Ann and Geoff have spent time with most of the Giants players.

"You've got to turn them into audiophiles," I said.

"We're trying," she assured me.