Silence is Golden

Physicist Jack Bybee of Bybee Technologies has now licensed his quantum purification nanocarbon technology to David Caplan's new company, Bybee Wire. Distributed by Laufer Teknik, the new Bybee Wire cables and power purifier include Bybee devices that clean up quantum mechanical noise at the sub-atomic level.

To these ears, the Bybee products made the happiest sound in the Tweek Geek room. There, Analysis Audio Omega speakers ($22,000/pair), which actually needed more room to breathe than the room allowed, Modwright SWL 9.0 preamp ($2500), Spectron Musician 3 Mk.II monoblock amplifiers ($7195 each), Bybee Wire AC Conditioner ($4500) and two AC cords ($2995 each), Stereovox Reference interconnect ($1995), and Elrod Remote Sense speaker cable ($1500) produced impressive full range orchestral sound that was very fast and clear. It also produced wonderful clarity (if not the most detailed presentation) on vocals. The system was silent enough to easily reveal differences in recording technique on recent CDs by two exceptional male choral groups: Chanticleer's wonderful new Mission Road, and Cantus' John Atkinson-engineered There Lies Home. Need I say which recording won the engineering award?

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Actually, the Spectron amps were being run though my (as yet un-named) $799 conditioner cords, available from Mike at TweekGeek.

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Is the AC conditioner the thing in back, behind the speaker? Quantum mechanical noise? the SUB atomic level?!!! WOW, but all on a dirty hotel carpet, does it clean up carpets too? What won't an audiophile beleive? this sub atomic stuff is a joke right, someone is putting someone else on, right?

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At least this crew didn't forget the "nano" technology to go with the "quantum."

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I'm surprised to see that some are still unfamiliar with Quantum Physics.