Now Hear This!

Veteran speaker engineer Albert Von Schweikert wasn't in the room at the time, but his astounding VR-9SE ($90,000/pair) was making the quite a sound in his absence. The smaller sibling of the flagship VR-11SE, this 350 lb, two-module mini-behemoth was paired with VAC's brand-new Phi-200 100Wpc amplifier, Signature linestage ($14,000), and recently-released Phi Alpha D/A Converter ($7500). An older Oracle transport and what appeared to be Cardas Golden Cross cabling completed the system. Any notion that tube equipment lacks control in the bass was blown to pieces by this system's tremendous authority in the bass region and beautiful presentation on high. Fabulous sound.

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The reviewer mentioned Cardas Cables...I think that they are VSA Master-Built Cables...Please verify......Ralph

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Unfortunately, I first see this comment as the show has ended. Unless I run into Albert in the elevator, I'll need to call him when I get home. Manny, who was holding down the fort at the time, wasn't sure about the cabling, and took a guess. I have a feeling you know something that neither of us knows. If so, please do tell. If they were VSA Master-Built Cables, please let everyone know, because they sure sounded terrific.

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Hi All,Just wanted to set the record straight. The VR-9/VAC system run with the stunning Cardas Golden Cross from top to bottom. Thanks for the kind praise, we were truely fortunate to be teamed up with two world class manufacturers.

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Hi - I have designed a sound system that comes with 25mm wall speakers with under floor sub all driven by cone - less speakers for ultimate HD - clarity. THE PROBLEM is R&D funding & support - you may ask will it work yes full mock tests have been carried out. can anyone help? please reply - sher

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Victor,I just saw your commentary re: the VR9-SE speakers. The reason you were so impressed with the low end is because the VR9s have self amplified (SS) 15 inch woofers, no thanks to the tube amps which drove the M/T modules. They are incredible speakers for sure.