Audio by Van Alstine

Here's a more modest system than some of the others featured so far that really nailed the raucous highs on a curious wind version of Revueltas' wild, ritualistic Sensemaya. Veteran high-end designer Frank Van Alstine was justly proud of his Ultra 550 hybrid power amp with its 300Wpc ($2395), Transcendence Eight vacuum-tube preamp ($1299 with optional remote and phono stage), and Insight Solid State DAC ($999). Paired with the Jim Salk Sound Veracity HT3 3-way loudspeakers with their 10" woofer ($4895), this system was making sounds worth checking out.

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Bout' time for some AVA in Stereophile pages, now let's see some reviews of his superb stuff...his OmegaStarEX P500 smoked some Mc's in a recent listen test, so much so, the Mc's got sold and replaced by 2 (Hafler rebuilds) P500 OmegaStar EX sonic beasts at 1400+ W into 4 Ohms running from the Ultra Hybrid bridge, sonic perfection, priced for mortals. this stuff is soooo good, reliable and sonic masterpieces, with out the nonsense. And it uses an AC line cord, without magic particles!!!!!

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I'm really excited about the AVA Insight Integrated. Is it an Ayre AX-7e in sheep'sclothing but at half the price??