The Pot of Gold at Rainbow's End

I was delighted to end the final day of RMAF 2007 in the Soundsmith room. I’ve spent quite a while in Peter Ledermann's rooms at previous shows, and loved every minute. This year was no exception.

I wouldn't be surprised if Peter’s SF-810 Strain Gauge phono cartridge achieves legendary status. Paired with the VPI HRX turntable, Schroeder Reference tonearm, and Silver Circle Power conditioner and cables, the Silversmith line-up—top-of-the-line Soundsmith Strain Gauge, Soundsmith SG-180 full-function, remote-control, 5-input preamp, HE 2006 300Wpc MOSFET power amp, and Soundsmith Monarch Bookshelf speaker—delivered some of the fullest, roundest, most colorful sound I encountered at the show.

I found the sense of all-enveloping warmth heard from Peter's LP of vocalist Radka Toneff irresistible. Not only was her voice seductive, but the glistening sound of the piano accompaniment on high notes was a thing of wonder. It reminded me of the scent of spring flowers as they first open in the sun. Lord knows, the sound drew me into the music like a bee in heat. [Ulp—Ed.] Wilma Cosa Fine's Mercury Living Presence reissue of Antal Dorati conducting Stravinsky's Firebird raised the temperature a major notch, delivering the full colors and impact of the orchestra in a most thrilling manner. How Peter gets so much full-range sound (56Hz–22kHz) out of 14"-high speakers undoubtedly reflects his years as chief engineer of the Bozak Corporation.

These are must-audition components, folks. Thanks, Peter, for closing the show for me on such a high note.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Okay, John, you got me. I got a total of 21 hours sleep in four nights, and went with a bee in heat analogy without stopping to consider the full ramifications of my flowery prose. Hey, for anyone to get excited by a system after three days of non-stop listening and blogging says a hell of a lot. Let's just say that the experience was sweet indeed.Now, if you'll pardon me, I'll go hide under the covers.JVS