The Ascent of Mark Schifter

Mark Schifter is well on his way to becoming a legendary figure in high-end audio. From his small-box, low–price-point Audio Alchemy and Perpetual Technology components, Mark has gone on to found one of the first genuine bargain high-end websites, AV123, and build speaker cabinets for many major players. Here he stands next to one of his extremely fine-sounding, amazingly low-priced speakers and subs, all sourced from renewable forests and finished with eco-friendly veneers.

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What was the relationship between Tweak City Audio and Mark Shifter? TCA was selling some of Shifter,s products....I wonder if that relationship went sour?I also demoed his Rocket line of speakers...nothing remarkable.

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February 25, 2010DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that the Statewide Grand Jury has indicted Mark L. Schifter (DOB: 5/29/1956) on suspicion that he ran multiple fraudulent charity raffles that he used to steal from Colorado consumers.

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Maybe you could provide an article on the descent of Mark Schifter.

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I guess he has become legendary, in an ignominious way.

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Wow...another fraud (indictment, anyway)...first it's global warming and now Mark Shifter.

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I have a new name for Mark Schifter its Mark Shiter! Who craps on his customers!Give him 20 to 40 years in jail! I hate fraudsters.Soon to be his new home Folsom prison sharing a cell while getting nailed in the ass each day and night by his cell-bum-Gay-chum.

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Allan, that cracks me up. First global warming isn't a fraud. Secondly, do you know what is? So-called high end power cables, speaker wires and interconnects.

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Well I know Mark is gonna get arse fucked deep in the anal hole when he’s sent to Folsom prison. I’ve had experience myself at getting fucked in the arsehole.Some inmates will creampie up your arsehole if you say please.

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I noticed that Stereophile didn't have any coverage of the Schifter indictment at all. Nothing to see here, move along!

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Is it just me, or does that sub have a destroyed cone?

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Us boys at the pokey are all looking forward to meeting Mark in the big house. We all hear he is a good "catcher".

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Love of money is the root of all evil