Desktop Decco from Peachtree

Musical Fidelity/Era Design distributor SignalPath's David Solomon is also interested in the desktop and enthusiastically demmed the new Peachtree Decco for me. The $700 tubed D/A processor/60Wpc integrated amplifier has a rear-panel bay that will accommodate the popular Sonos ZP80 WiFi media player and will take either digital or analog signals to its own, higher-quality DAC circuitry and output stage. It also has a USB input. The revolution is here.

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Late Thursday night while setup was still going on I dropped by and met David Solomon for the first time. This brilliant group has engineered a glorious sounding product that embraces the Ipod generation in a way that may allow us the opportunity to make audiophiles out of them just yet. We can't wait to share The Decco with the next generation of Audiophiles who visit our store!

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Thanks for the coverage John. The Decco had quite the reception @ RMAF. Turns out, many have music on their computers or servers and want to make them sound good w/o having to go out and buy a new sound card. One small correction, the Deco is $799 w/ 50 wpc and just started shipping to our dealers last week after nearly two years of development. If you have any questions, please email me or visit Best wishes,David Solomon

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I've had one for about 6 weeks now. Basically it's a good quality amp which has on-board DAC and USB input that can interface directly with a computer as an external sound device. It also has conventional audio input. Sound is good (with good speakers, obviously), and probably better with the USB input. However, I've had problems getting my computer to reliably recognize it as a USB device, despite all the info given in the user's manual, and now have to rely on the conventional stereo input. Also, indicator light on the Aux input (which I now have to use) has gone out, suggesting some quality issues. Be aware that it has no balance or tone controls, and your computer sound controls will only be effective if using the conventional input, not the USB input, in which case you're stuck with the factory default settings.Also, be aware that (despite the assurance of the salesman) the vacuum tube on the face is mostly for decoration, glowing to tell you that the amp is on. I'm not s

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Hi Don, Please accept our sencere apologies. If you're having any problem at all, we'll replace the unit...that's how we roll. We want our customers to be happy with the products we make and we won't settle for less. This is why our personal phone numbers are in each box. If there's a problem, we want to know so we can take care of our customers right away. I don't know too many other companies that can say this. To set the record straight, most high-end integrated amps have no tone or balance controls, although we do have a +6db boost @ 50Hz button on the back for smaller speakers. Our tube is not for appearences. The entire preamp signal is run thru the 6922. We have a small LED under it for cosmetic sake so you see the tube better,... because we liked it... And so you know, we use a 27v torodial transformer and National Semiconductor output stage. Please contact me and like any of our customers, we'll bend over backwards to see that you're happy. Best wishes,

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I've had a Decco for over 2 months now connected via USB to my 17" HD MacBook Pro playing all AIFF-ripped files from my iTunes through era D5 monitors using Paul Speltz' anti-cable speaker wire. The combo sounds magnificent! I'm thrilled with both the Decco and the D5's. I also have it connected wirelessly via the mini-TOSlink jack on my Airport Extreme base station which sound great as well, I just don't like the 5 second delay when switching track selections. Also, Kimber makes a nice USB cable.Sounds great, no reliability/quality issues. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Signal Path, job well done.

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A Decco HGB Aplifier has been recomended to me for a hi-def plasma setup I am putting together. The room (hi-rise condo) is a tough "wire" for multi channel and I was told the "center speaker" could be artificially created. I would utilize good B&W speakers.Any comments/recomendations?

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I've had the Decco unit for about 2 years, and have had intermittent USB connectivity since new. Now it won't plug n play at all, despite all the Windows XP tricks. Am I missing something or could the unit be defective? All other features are working via the phone inputs.Don

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I have had problems with the Decco since I owned it. I have replaced the unit 3 times and still have had connectivity issues; intermittently the sound just stops working; the power cable in the back of the unit is often loose and so any movement of the power cord will shut power to the unit and thereafter the Decco won't output sound (even upon restarting). The auxiliary ports no longer work. I must say, though, that the developers have sent me a new unit when the previous one stopped working. However, after the 1 year limited warranty, I'm not sure they would do the same now. All in all, I love the sound but there is no way that I can rely on the unit to give me sound. I usually think of it as a lucky day when the Decco gives me sound. The developers must really look into reliability issues with this product. -Nirav

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I've had this problem almost since the day I bought the unit in 2007 - it is not recognized as a USB device by my computers.  At first it would connect periodicially, now almost never, and when it does connect, it disconnects after a short time, with an error message stating that the computer has detected a problem (unspecified) with the device.  So I've been using the analog inputs instead.  I could have bought a much better analog amp with the money it cost, and would have had balance and tone controls!