Sonic Correctness

While being PC is always a bone of contention in the audiophile community, sonic correctness goes without question. In a nice-sized room in the Marriott Tower, Lyngdorf’s Steve Colburn held a series of extremely convincing demonstrations of the complete Lyngdorf room perfect correction system. Using Triad speakers, Colburn’s before and after treatment samples of a percussion CD with lots of low bass were eye-opening. Quelle difference! If only Steve could have corrected for the people in the far corner who insisted on blabbing through the entire demo as if no one else mattered.

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It takes courage, but some of the more evolved babbling types will actually respond positively when asked to continue their conversation in the hall.

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For the record, we used Lyngdorf's own DP-1 dipole speakers & BW-1 Boundary Woofers. Triad Speakers is the US distributor of these remarkable products. Notice in the photo that the dipoles & woofers are way too close to the front wall for great sound under ordinary conditions. What you can't see is Jason Serinus on the back row less than 15" from the back wall. This combination is normally a recipe for a muddy sonic disaster. Unfortunately, real world circumstances (& domestic tranquility) often result in pretty bad listening conditions like this, usually in rooms with other major sonic problems too. So RoomPerfect not only provides an outstanding listening experience (when you minimize bad room effects, it's amazing how close you can get to the performance), but it saves marriages too!Also note that to my knowledge RoomPerfect is the only automated correction system with the goal of preserving your speakers sonic character, not imposing an externally generated target curve o