Snappy Indeed

The Manley Snapper monoblocks ($4250/pair) sure have snap. Playing one of those classic percussion demo CDs with drum thwacks galore, the combo of Manley amplification, Bel Canto DAC/preamp, Joseph Audio RM25XL speakers ($4400/pair), Apple iBook transport, and Cardas Golden Reference interconnects was as sharp and crisp as could be. But they were also far more. With the system playing an LP of La Fille Mal Gardée on the VPI Super Scout Reference Master Turntable (one of only two available) equipped with a Silversmith phono cartridge, the sound was beautifully warm and sweet, the soundstage all-enveloping.

Mike Quinn's picture

I believe that was a Soundsmith Strain Gauge cartridge on that turntable, NOT Silversmith. I've noticed you've made that same error several times in your blog entries. Don't we "reporters" owe it to our readers (not to mention the manufacturers) to get names correct?