The Return of the Beveridge Electrostat

Many years ago, in a conversation I was having with Peter Walker of Quad, I asked him if there was a speaker he'd wished he'd designed. "PJ" thought for a moment, then said he admired the Beveridge electrostatic, where a flat panel fires into a waveguide, thus allowing the panel to overcome its Achilles' Heel: the very limited horizontal dispersion resulting from its width.

Harold Beveridge, like Peter, is no longer with us, but his son, Rick, who worked with his father back in the day, has reintroduced the speaker. The 6'-tall G3, beautifully finished in a 20-coat lacquer, takes advantage of modern materials and construction techniques and was being very effectively demmed with Joule Electra tube amps, EMM Labs digital source, and Audience cables and power conditioning. The system, including two G3 woofer modules and a Bryston 10B line-level crossover, will initally sell for $50,000 but the price will increase to $84,000 after the the first five have been produced. (Two have already been sold.)

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We are very pleased with the turnout of Beveridge fans. It was not so pleasing that the voltage in our room was 108 volts and this definitely affected the speakers. We mentioned this to the engineering dept and they said nothing we can do it's the American standard. Right. We are going to ask everyone to please visit the showroom in Ormond Beach Florida which is designed to make these speakers do waht they are capable of. We will give you a place to stay during the audition. Please call 8772463892 for details.Thanks, Palmetto AV