Not Just Another Show

According to Marjorie Stiefel, who with her husband Al slaves over the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for months on end, this year's RMAF has 142 exhibit rooms, 29 more than last year. The show, has in fact, not only reached the hotel’s size limit—the DTC Marriott is Denver's third-largest—but also exceeded Marjorie's and Al’s energetic capacity. Fried to a crisp beyond the smile, the couple is considering hiring help for next year in order to meet increased demand from such major players as Linn, McIntosh, Esoteric, dCS, Kimber, Wilson, BAT, Gamut, Clearaudio, Edge, Ayre, name them.

"I virtually had to make no calls to get exhibitors this year," Marjorie told me the night before the show opened. "They were all calling me. We sold out two months ago, and had to do lots of work to get additional rooms from the hotel. We also managed to assemble 40 volunteers, with the Minnesota Audio Society pitching in to augment our Colorado forces."

The fourth Rocky Mountain Audio Fest: Gear for the Ear includes a 118-page book of exhibitor contact information and ads, which Marjorie somehow managed to get to the printer right before the deadline. The Show also features spiffy Audiozilla t-shirts for support staff.

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