The Stuff of Dreams?

Having hosted an AudioKinesis speaker demo at my home for the Bay Area Audiophile Society (BAAS), I feel confident saying that Duke LeJeune is one of the dearest men in the business. Here he demonstrates his new 92dB-sensitivity, 16 ohm impedance, 170 lb Dream Maker ($9000/pair), whose "controlled-pattern, offset bipole configuration" is designed to control the relative level of reverberant energy density in the room. If that sounds like gobbledegook, the vivid presentation of the AudioKinesis/AtmaSphere combo, which was admirably clear in the higher frequencies, whet my appetite for more extended listening in the future.

Thomas Portney's picture

Of all the rooms at the show, big or small, this room, and Duke's speakers, were the finest thing I heard. They invited the listener into the music and presented a wonderful soundstage that felt as if I was there. Duke spent some time explaining his design philosophy, and seemed grateful that these new babies of his have the same appeal as do the Avantgarde speakers. Nice work, Duke!