Genesis Redesigns Model 5 Speaker

As Jason said, I started my coverage of the much-expanded RMAF with the Atrium rooms, and at the corner of the ground-floor level, I encountered Gary Leonard Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies. Gary brought me up to date on what has been happening with the Seattle company since parting ways with veteran speaker designer Arnie Nudell.

The Model 5.2 that I favorably reviewed in February 2006 is now the 5.3. The impedance is now above 3 ohms at all frequencies, and the "wolf-tone" problem I had noted with the circular ribbon tweeter is said to have been eliminated. A different amplifier is used for the active subwoofer and a new plinth supports the speaker.

Gary demmed the 5.3s using a new class-D monoblock amplifier Geneis will be introducing, along with an Einstein tube preamp and a Reimyo CDT777 CD transport and DAP777 processor. Nice. very nice.